Lakshmi Full Mala

The Lakshmi Full Mala will open your heart to the giving and receiving of unconditional Love, awaken your inspiration and creativity, and will help you effortlessly manifest your dreams.

Rose Quartz, Freshwater Pearl, Garnet + Citrine
~ Om Shrim Maha Lakshmiyei Swaha ~

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A mala is a string of prayer beads used to recite a mantra 108 times in meditation.
Crafted with presence, intention, and infinite amounts of love, each of the malas I create is a channelled work of art.

Using the highest-quality gemstone beads, hand-knotted thread, and the guidance of Divine wisdom, I will create the mala that will help you fulfill your soul's work here on Earth.

A full mala has 108 beads.
A half mala has 54 beads.

The beads have been cleansed with sage, cleared with reiki, then strung & knotted while reciting/singing mantras. The completed mala is reiki attuned, programmed with intention, and charged under the moon.

Describing these malas as a powerful life-changer is an understatement! The wisdom of the crystals + the reiki and healing light held within them will bring you miracles! Products

Art Direction: Brenna Paxton, Copy Writing: Casey Green & Brett Williams (MMGY Global) Social Media Content

Art Direction: Brenna Paxton, Copy Writing: Tom VanderVelde

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Art Direction: Brenna Paxton & Lance Flores (MMGY Global)

Concert Posters

Various posters designed while working as the Marketing Assistant at The Granada Theater in Lawrence, Kansas.

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Book reflecting the design process and development of a KU Graphic Design student from the beginning to completion of a project – along with the caffeine, alcohol, and sleep-deprivation that accompanies it.

The text was gathered from conversations, statements, and discussions between graphic design students. Photos were taken the places where the junior class spent the majority of their time.

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