Disposable Daydreams (may 2014)

I decided to take a photograph with a disposable camera every time I had a profound moment of being present. At the time I was repeating "Om Namah Shivaya" a lot. Turns out, every photo I took when I was entirely present in the NOW didn't develop. It was an empty rectangle of film negatives. Crazy, I know.

Printed on newsprint. French fold. Perfect bound.


We Aren't Adults Yet (may 2014)

They say you aren't an adult if you can't keep house plants alive...

Printed on Canson paper. Japanese Stab Binding.


MADE UP (april 2013)

MADE UP explores social constructions of gender differences, beauty, and relationships.

View the complete set of PORTRAITS, and the rest of the EXPERIMENT.


Backyard Voyages (March 2013)

You don't have to get on a plane to have a new adventure.

A few friends took me to Paris, New York, and Tokyo... all without leaving the town of Lawrence, Kansas!


WANDERLOVE (august 2012)

Lust is fleeting, love is a way of being.

Series of 4 zines featuring photos from The Netherlands, Spain, France, and Denmark. Saddle stitched.