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We'll chat to discuss the healing purposes of your painting... Is this painting for you or someone else? Where will it be hung? Should it inspire honesty and open communication to be hung in a living room? Or should it promote love and intimacy to be hung in a bedroom?

I only create from a place of deep meditation. This allows me to infuse the entire painting with reiki healing energy throughout the full process. I often meditate while chanting a sanskrit mantra that is aligned with the predetermined healing purpose of each painting.

Every piece is created with the owner's healing as the primary focus. Even if the owner is unknown to me at the time of creation, divine healing energy exists outside of space/time, so the painting is still able to be infused with the perfect healing energy for the "future" owner. In a sense, each painting is like an ongoing reiki treatment you can hang on your wall!

My artwork is done in a sacred state of creative flow. The art + healing is channeled from a higher state and however the painting turns out is exactly how it's supposed to be to most benefit the owner!

Beautiful art & profound healing should be accessible to all people. Only through healing our hearts and returning to Oneness will we be able to collectively evolve. Healing Art is my preferred form of spiritual activism. Any person who stands near one of my reiki-infused paintings will benefit from the healing energy on a deep level, even if they are consciously unaware of what is occurring within them. Art is innately personal and intimate, so I strive to be open, authentic, and communicative with every person who supports my art-making. These paintings are my gift to the world, and I am honored to create them for you.

Much Love,