Reiki Treatments + Chakra Healing

Reiki is a spiritual healing technique in which universal life force energy is channeled through the practitioner and directed at different points in the client's physical and etheric bodies. Reiki can be done in person or from afar and both are equally effective.

Chakras are energy centers in the body which correspond to massive nerve centers, as well as our psychological, emotional, and spiritual states of being. The seven main chakras run upward along the spine and are in constant motion. It is important to keep your chakras aligned, open, and spinning properly so that energy flows freely through your body and does not cause blockages. An imbalanced chakra causes illness, both physically and spiritually.

I have been studying color therapy and energy movement since I was very young, along with crystal wisdom + medicine. I use many special types of reiki energy in combination with guided meditations, crystals, and sound healing in order to restore your entire energy system to a state of balance.

To schedule & pay for a session, send an email with your preferred treatments and general availability to...

Chakra Portraits (set of two, additional $30 + shipping)

Before and after a full chakra treatment, the movement of energy and flow of your chakras is translated into a visual portrait. The sketches will be scanned, formatted, and printed on 8"x10" fine art paper.

Before Healing:

After Healing:

Luna-Charged Chakra Healing • 8-Week Wholistic Treatment

30+ minutes every week over the course of 2 full lunar cycles.
Includes 2 chakra portraits, set of 7 reiki-charged crystals, sage smudge stick, in-depth printed zine, and 9 downloadable guided meditation recordings.

($380 + shipping OR two payments of $200 + shipping)

This 8-week long treatment session is bound to be a beautiful and deep journey! Before the session begins, you will receive a package of 7 reiki-charged chakra crystals, a zine covering moon phases, chakra wisdom, crystal guides, ritual suggestions, and more, plus an email with 9 downloadable guided meditations.

Each week of the session will begin with a 30+ minute healing treatment, done from afar, via Skype. You will then spend the rest of the week delving deeper into your healing process with the meditations, crystals, rituals, and information provided. The first and eighth weeks will include time for drawing chakra portraits, which will be sent to you after completion of the full session.

Next session begins in May! (Very Limited Space Available)
Email for more details!

Wholistic Chakra Healing Session (90 minutes, $120)

This treatment gently kick-starts, clears-out, and revitalizes your entire chakra system and energy body, restoring you to a state of balance so that you can live in alignment with your highest Truth.

Done from afar, via Skype call. Includes: treatment of the seven main chakras, live guided meditation, and crystal healing recommendations.

Focused Chakra Healing Session (30 minutes, $40)

This treatment primarily focuses on a single chakra for deep healing in a specific area. It is recommended that you have already received a full chakra healing treatment in the recent past, as this option is best suited for up-keeping a balanced chakra system.

Done from afar, via Skype call. Includes: treatment of multiple chakras with singular focus, live guided meditation, and crystal healing recommendations.

Choose from one of the following options:

Intuitively Guided

(Brenna's intuition will guide her in determining the main chakra focus)

Deeply Rooted • base chakra
(sexuality, stability, sensuality, security)



Creative Spark • sacral chakra
(reproduction, creativity, enthusiasm)



Claim Your Power • solar plexus chakra
(digestion, personal power, growth)


Heart Light • heart chakra
(circulation, love, compassion, devotion)


Truth Be Told • throat chakra
(expression, independence, security)


Lift the Veil • third eye chakra
(intuition, clarity, meditation)


Return to Oneness • crown chakra
(unity, transcendental consciousness)

Chakra Crystal Set + Smudge Stick + Zine ($60 + shipping)

Set of 7 medium-sized raw crystals, reiki-charged with specific chakra healing energy. Includes a sage smudge stick and a zine detailing the wisdom and suggested use of each crystal.


To schedule & pay for a session, send an email with your preferred treatments and general availability to...