A New, More Conscious Vision for Brand Strategy

Nowadays, nobody wants to be sold to.

Billboards, advertisements, and now even sponsored content is not only ineffective, it’s often repelling.

But marketing trends and branding advice can be slow to catch up with the constant evolution and exponential growth of our rapidly changing world.

Technology is altering our brains and our psyches faster than we can fully comprehend.

Combine that with millions of self-proclaimed “experts” spewing copied advice all over the internet, and it can be a major challenge to know how to move forward with your brand and business.

It’s time we change things up a bit.

Let’s stop glorifying the workaholic, alcohol-fueled, wannabe Mad Men.

Let’s stop perpetuating the idea that people are so easily brainwashed into believing someone else has the solution to all of their problems – for only $29.99!

We’re done taking things at face-value.

Now, we dig deeper.

We’re done being unaware consumers.

Now, we do our research.

We’re done supporting unethical practices.

Now, we hold higher ideals.

Today, the way to create a successful brand and business isn’t even about Marketing at all.

Now, a successful brand is about VISION.

It isn’t about choosing an “audience” you’re “targeting.”

It’s about getting to know real people you are cultivating into a dynamic community.

It isn’t about positioning yourself against all of your “competitors.”

It’s about knowing yourself so fully, that your individuality becomes irrefutably alluring.

It isn’t about grasping for clicks or “impressions.”

It’s about clarifying your vision so vividly, other people can’t help but fall in love with your brand.


Brenna Paxton